I'm a business & tech journalist.

I'm a Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, career and personal finance journalist and author of "The Millennial Game Plan."

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The New York Times

RITUALS; There Will Never Be A Last Tango - New York Times

By LAURA SHIN Published: September 27, 2002. Email; Print. NIGHT after night it's the same: I don't know his name, and tomorrow I won't remember his face....

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The New York Times

Blackboard - Traditions - Cloak and Swagger - NYTimes.com

By LAURA SHIN. Published: December 24, 2008. You might think you were at Oxford, but this is Tennessee. Since 1873, students in the Order of Gownsmen at  ......

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The New York Times

Making Credit Cards Landfill-Friendly

Says one expert: Biodegradable PVC is not only plausible, it has been proven widely to occur....

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The New York Times

Big-Bellied, Text-Messaging Trash Cans?

A self-compacting, text-messaging trash can is reminiscent of Wall-E. It’s being used by one town in Massachusetts to decrease the number of trips taken by garbage trucks....

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The New York Times

Using Fungi to Replace Styrofoam

Ecovative Design is angling to provide not just a mass-market, organic insulation material, but also a replacement for Styrofoam, the non-biodegradable, carbon-intense material used widely in packing and shipping....