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I'm a Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, career and personal finance journalist and author of "The Millennial Game Plan."

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01192011 taxes article article
The Fiscal Times

10 Surprising Taxes You May Have to Pay

When it comes to taxes, it’s not just your 1099s, K-1s and W-2s. Remember to keep these 10 things in mind so you don’t get burned....

09222012 office meditation article article
The Fiscal Times

Secret Way to Boost the Corporate Bottom Line

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness training are all beginning to infiltrate corporate America and improve the functioning and morale of employees. Studies are also beginning to show that these practices benefit the corporate bottom line....

07302012 breaking bank article article
The Fiscal Times

The Consumer’s Guide to Breaking Up with Your Bank

Here’s an easy way to get a financial fresh start in 2014: Get a better bank....

08132012 retirement oldcouple article article
The Fiscal Times

5 Retirement Planning Steps Every Couple Should Take

Fewer than 40 percent of couples collaborate on retirement planning, making it less likely they’ll achieve their goals. Here’s how to get on the same page....

02162010 mortgage article article
The Fiscal Times

These 4 New Rules Can Stop You from Buying a Home

New mortgage rules meant to prevent another housing bust were implemented on January 10. Here’s how they will affect you....

07242013 raise negotiation article article
The Fiscal Times

9 Steps to Getting a Raise in 2014

Over the next few months, managers will be determining how to dole out next year’s salary budget. Here’s how to get yourself a bigger piece of the pie....

08292013 work from home article article
The Fiscal Times

The Work from Home Debate: 5 Ways to Win It

You might have a good personal reason for working from home, but you need to show your boss the good business reasons. Here’s how to do that....